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ETT Live Think Tank

Workshop Deep Dives Roundtables

2022-05-05 | 04:40 PM - 06:00 PM | Poznan Congress Center - Level 1

The Exhibition Think Tank is a worldwide network of over 1,000 exhibition professionals who meet, discuss and debate various issues to help drive the industry forward.
In this live “Think Thank” we will invite delegates to tackle one of 3 different problem our industry is facing, working in small groups of 5 people.
The results will be reported back on Friday.

Suggested topics:
1. How to create a unique selling proposition and a unique buying proposition to bring back every critical exhibitor and visitor to our shows and to attract new ones?
2. How to connect live and digital in a seamless experience?
3. How to engage better with the audience before and during the show and how to do content crowd sourcing.

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