The exhibition industry faces severe challenges globally due to staff shortages. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, companies have been forced to let employees go. What’s more, we are seeing talent leave our industry and this trend shows no signs of stopping. It is essential that we attract and retain talent if we are to continue successfully organising exhibitions and operating event venues. 


The UFI HR Management Forum is a “must-attend” event for any professional wishing to gain insight into innovative talent retention and recruitment strategies, and to discover best-practice examples from across the exhibition industry and beyond.
They will join HR directors, team managers and executives who have all benefitted from taking part in past UFI HR Forums.

Why attend?

Across two days, participants will enjoy unrivalled access to an international platform for learning, exchanging and sharing. During workshops, presentations, key-note slots and networking opportunities, delegates can take a step back from their day-to-day routine and discover specific tools and approaches for innovative talent retention and recruitment.

UFI Forums attract between 50 and 60 participants, from middle to senior management within the exhibition industry. The UFI HR Management Forum will also showcase best-practice examples across the industry, through the 2023 UFI HR Award.


The Forum takes place over two days, starting just after lunchtime on Tuesday 13 June, and running until after lunch on Wednesday 14 June. Scheduled just prior to the UFI European Conference, participants can make the most of their trip to Maastricht by joining both events in the same week.

The UFI European Conference begins on the evening of Wednesday 14 June, with a Welcome Reception.

UFI Members Benefits

Open to both UFI members and non-members, the Forum caters for those in middle to senior management positions, specialising in operations and services from venues and exhibition organising companies.

The programme is designed by the UFI HR Management Working Group, working hand-in-hand with the UFI team.
UFI members benefit from a special registration fee. Non-members are also welcome to attend all Forums at the non-member rate.

Registration Fees

Fee includes:
  • All Forum sessions
  • Networking breaks on 13 June
  • Networking Dinner on Thursday 13 June
  • Venue Tour on 13 June
  • Networking Lunch on 14 June
  • Post-event access to all sessions' recordings

Registration fees refer to the full package of the 2-day onsite attendance in Maastricht at the HR Forum on 13-14 June 2023, and are VAT excluded.

UFI Certified Professionals

The UFI HR Forum is part of the UFI Certified Professional educational offering, and awards 8 UCP credit points towards receiving the designation. Participation is mandatory to obtain the credit points.

The UFI Certified Professional designation is a symbol of quality, expertise and innovation, and signals to employers and others within the industry that the holder works to a high standard and expects the same of others.
The educational offering allows professionals to work at their own pace and to self-select courses and modules to create a tailored experience, unique to them.
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